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What can it do?

•Automatically records your total amount of daily exercise
•Tracks heart rate, steps, floors climbed and helps you reach your daily fitness goals
•Analyzes the efficiency and intensity of your workouts and provides simple motivational scoring and color coordinated performance metrics
– Getting 60 points means you have achieved optimal daily exercise
– Getting more than 100 points (excessive exercise) could affect your health

How does it work?

The app will show you how to optimize your daily exercise routine. Only a continuous walking or continuous movement will contribute to your overall fitness score.
Walking or running speed are also a key factors in your overall score.


•The contents of 12 data areas can be defined, and the selectable information includes:

  • month-day-week, month-day, week, second, time, Bluetooth, alarm, notification, week number, battery, altitude, heart rate, steps, floor, calories, distance, move bar, effective walking distance, effective steps, Effective exercise time, sunrise/sunset, weather Fishing Barometer, Ascent/Descend altitude, Ascent/Descend time, Time and Number of hiking breaks, Total hiking time, Max/Min Altitude

•For the convenience of use, there are two display modes for exercise modes to choose from:
– Walking / running mode
– Hiking / climbing mode


0, the steps, the distance, the height… is inaccurate

It does not require very accurate data to monitor exercise level and assess your own exercise, and expensive professional equipment will not be very accurate. To calculate these data with limited sensor on a non-professional device, I tried my best. Of course, there is room for improvement.
If the data deviates too far and it is not because of the watch broken, please tell me and I will continue to improve. Software is written by people, and bugs are inevitable.

1. what does “56 less” mean?

less, ok, good… indicates the current level of exercise, the previous number is the current exercise score, 60 points means you have reached the basic daily exercise level, more than 100 points (too much) means you may be over-exercising , May affect your health.
Here is an explanation of exercise levels from Wikipedia:

Exercise is categorized into three different intensity levels. These levels include low(less), moderate(ok), and vigorous(good,great) and are measured by the metabolic equivalent of task (aka metabolic equivalent or METs).
The effects of exercise are different at each intensity level (i.e. training effect). Recommendations to lead a healthy lifestyle vary for individuals based on age, weight, and existing activity levels.
“Published guidelines for healthy adults state that 20-60 minutes of medium intensity continuous or intermittent aerobic activity 3-5 times per week is needed for developing and maintaining cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, and muscular strength.”

2. Why does the amount of exercise not change when cycling or swimming?

This watch face only counts the amount of exercise for walking, running, and climbing. If Garmin opens up other types of exercise interfaces in the future, we can get the amount of exercise calculations for these types.

3. What is the effective steps and effective exercise time?

Actface/ActfaceA watch face has two kinds of steps: walking steps and effective steps. Only continuous walking or continuous exercise, that is, effective steps, can help your fitness.
The number of walking steps is given by the garmin system, and the effective steps is calculated by the watch face itself. The effective steps must be less than the walking steps.

4. the height and time of the Ascent/Descend?

Ascending/descending altitude, ascending/descending time, Time and Number of hiking breaks, total hiking time, highest/lowest altitude, these types of data are specifically set for hiking and climbing.
-Ascent/Descend altitude, Ascent/Descend time: It is the vertical height of up/down in the process of hiking and climbing, and the time used for up or down. In layman’s terms: the height and time of going uphill/downhill.
-Time and number of hiking breaks: It is how many times you have rested during the day’s hiking/climbing activities, and how much time you have rested in total

5, How to get weather?

Displaying “GPS” means that no positioning information is obtained, and displaying “… ”means that no weather information has been received after positioning.
Enter the map in the place where there has GPS signal, return to the WF after getting the positioning, and then the WF will send the positioning information online to the weather source to obtain weather and sunrise and sunset information.

The weather is updated only each time the watch enters low-power mode. If you want to update the weather information immediately, you can exit the watchface, then return (press the down button, then press the up button to return).









  • 月-日-周, 月日, 周, 秒, 时间, 蓝牙, 闹钟, 通知, 周几, 电池, 海拔高度, 心率, 步数, 楼层, 卡路里, 步行距离, movebar, 有效的步行距离, 有效步数, 有效的运动时间, 日出日落, 天气, 钓鱼气压计,上行/下行高度,上行/下行时间,远足休息的时间和次数,远足总时间,最高/最低海拔

– 行走/跑步模式
– 远足/爬山模式





less, ok, good…表示当前达到的运动水平,前面的数字是当前运动得分,获得60分意味着您已经达到了基本的日常锻炼水平,超过100分(too much)说明您可能过度运动,也许会影响您的健康。







– 上行/下行高度,上行/下行时间:是在远足和爬山行进过程中上行/下行的垂直高度,以及上下行各自所用的时间。通俗一点说就是:走上坡/走下坡的高度和时间。
– 远足休息的时间和次数:是你在当天的远足/爬山活动中休息了几次,总共休息了多少时间


显示“ GPS”表示未获取定位信息,显示“ …”表示定位后未接收到天气信息。

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